Embracing  You & Your Style

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It takes 3 to 4 seconds to project an attractive Image which is a great element for your professional and personal success

Create a right room to choose from versatile outfit options out of your closet that you thought never existed. 

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Personal Shopping


From right size, colour and retailer that matches your personality, to avoiding shopping mistakes, I have got it all covered for you
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What people say
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Insights to Modern Etiquette
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Dr. Aditi.R.K


"Shweta is a very committed and dedicated person who with her persistent is able to achieve any thing she gets determined to. She is professional to the point  and ethical in her dealings. I have always been a fan of her style and clothing and have consulted her for my clothing choices and sometimes have copied ditto designs and patterns. One thing remained the same... all the looks rocked".

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Mrs. Swati Tomer


"My wardrobe and life is streamlined ever since Shweta guided me about my style personality.I'm a kind of person who loves to dress up but work keeps me super occupied. I am thank full to this extremely talented friend who makes me shine brighter every single day".

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Ms. Akriti Jain


"Shweta has helped me in a very positive way in terms of my personality, how to carry myself more confidently.She made me represent who I am.If you really wonder about your image, or find it difficult to leave a lasting impression, please do get in touch with her & I am sure you will be sorted for life! And yes, I have learnt one more thing from Shweta which she carries without much effort - always keep your beautiful smile on your face and you will soon realises you have won half the battle."

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Ms. Sussan


"Shweta inspired me with her unique styling sense. How to combine dresses , shoes and handbags together. Every time we meet up I have noticed those little extra things on her, for example a beautiful jewellery and she rocks those little pieces so well, she has guided me with her quick styling sessions."

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"In order to be irreplaceble one must always be different