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A true personal style is always custom made which reflects your unique aesthetic perfectly. 

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Style Personality

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Learn to determine your true and unique personality and dress NOT to impress but to leave a lasting impression wherever your path takes you

Here, you will receive a personalized style portfolio, which will include your detailed style assessment and classification on how to choose and wear the right clothing, hair and makeup, fabrics details and patterns, and quick guidance on your shopping regime. 

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Color Analysis

It will help you to determine the right colors that harmonise your complexion and enhances your natural beauty.


Choosing the right color will give a more healthy and fresh look.

Determining your right colours will help you to eliminate impulse buying.


You will receive a personalised digital colour swatch that will help to choose the colours which enhances your spirit.

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Body line & shape  

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Before you step out, the right shape is a must.


You will learn about your right body proportion both horizontally and vertically and right balance points to dress impeccably without worrying. ​

Because your size doesn't matter, you matter!

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Closet Editting

Clothes Hanging

In combination with your unique style personality, your true colors, and right body shape I will assist you in creating a functional wardrobe that can be accessed to its full potential for work or leisure.

Time: Personal style consulting is an overall development process, and it requires true dedication. This will take 3 - 4 hours based on requirements.