Sustainable Wardrobe Guide

Updated: Feb 11

Are you thinking about your last shopping experience and got totally confused? Or whenever you open your closet 'I have nothing to wear today' is that the question you have in your mind? But, do you know that designing a closet is just about making that right choice in connection with your values and style.

Here are 4 tips that will not only help you to serve the purpose of right wardrobe management but you will also support climate change by reducing waste.

01 Buy Less

As fashion keeps on evolving and temptation to buy new styles is never-ending. Did you know that by doing impulsive buying, you are impacting the environment as most of the clothes go into landfills only after a few uses and even some unused once?

So lets built a curated closet and invest in stylish and quality pieces that can be worn year-round and if you wish you can also Calculate your fashion footprint now on Thredup.

02 Shop with Purpose

Let's understand and ask these questions to yourself whenever you shop next:

  • Is this your style?

  • Does it flatter your body shape and will it match with other pieces in your wardrobe?

  • Will you be able to use this multiple times?

And once you have answers to these questions I am sure you will be sorted and will have an excellent and satisfactory shopping experience.

03 Reuse and Repeat

Don't be shy to repeat your outfits. Create and style as many ways as you can out of your closet. Choose whatever platform you want to showcase and feel proud about it, own it, and encourage others also to feel the same. This will not only reflect your creativity but will show compassion for your style and that's it this is all required to be beautiful.

04 Mend it

Just by taking care of your items and keeping them in the right shape, will not only help you to save time by not spending countless hours shopping but also you will reduce the waste by paying a bit extra attention.

I hope you like these tips and will share with your friends and families to support the sustainable way of being stylish.

Until then, ciao..!!

With love


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