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Updated: Feb 11

Coming from an airline industry I have spent many sleepless nights at the airport while traveling from one country to another, which gave me a deep insight into how and what not to do during the journey. And with this new normal life traveling requires extra precautionary measures, so here are some tips to follow before you plan to book your next flight:

TIP no # 01

Medical certificate - the very first thing you need to do before booking the tickets is to get yourself tested for the virus and carry the report, as anykind of symptoms might ban you from travelling .

TIP no # 02

Check-in Online - Remember those big queues at the airport checkin counters and every time we use to think I wish I could have done web-checkin,now no more choice as its recommended by airlines to use online-checkin service to avoid and reduce the chances of getting infected.

TIP no # 03

Carry essentials- Make sure you carry all the necessary items to ensure exceptional hygiene, such as alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, face mask, gloves, etc. and do remember to dispose of them carefully.

TIP no # 04

Despite of airlines mentioning all kind of safety measures and precautions, its required to take responsibility of your own safety by sanitising the items before using them such as tray table, monitors and don't forget to carry your own travel pillow and blanket.

TIP no # 05

As most of the travel insurance companies tend to exclude the pandemic and epidemic situations in their polices, so its advisable to check with your travel insurance before you travel to ensure you are covered.

TIP no # 06

Upgrade to business or first class - If possible and if your travel policy allows it's a great time to use these perks to get little extra space.

TIP no # 07

Stay clear and cover up your nose and mouth with a mask and don't forget to carry extra mask.

TIP no # 08

Stay up to date with all the travel advice from the destination country and authorities as this will help you to take action in advance.

I hope you like all the tips and will follow and share with your friends and families, so everyone can travel safely and remain healthy.

Until then, ciao..!!

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