Why and What is the RUSH ? Airport/Aircraft Etiquette

OK, let's talk about Aircraft and Airport Etiquette. But before moving on to all the essential look-outs, let begin with the most important—and unnecessary—action that is taken, despite being aware that this will take its own sweet time. Have a look at below picture

Etiquette tip # 01 – Hope you got some hint. Yes, exactly what I am talking about is, after the landing rush in the aisle, just to stand and wait for the airplane's door to open. Honestly, it's an unnecessary step that should be avoided just by remaining seated until the doors are open and it's ready to leave the plane. Imagine sitting in the middle of the plane and standing, sometimes for more than 20 minutes. It really makes no sense, especially now, when social distancing is a new norm for safety.

Etiquette tip # 02 – Avoid carrying food which is too high in aroma. As traveling is always multicultural and not everyone is familiar and used to all kinds of food smells. So find another alternative if carrying home-made food is essential for you.

Etiquette tip # 03 - Using aircraft toilets. Hmm, should we talk about it? Yes, you absolutely must understand that it's a public toilet and leaving it nice and tidy after using it the way you want for yourself is important. Of course, the flight crew is efficient enough to maintain complete hygiene for the entire flight, but sometimes due to particular destinations and time limitation, it's just impossible to keep every bit of track. However, a general etiquette rule is to leave it the way you want it for yourself.

Etiquette tip # 04 - Respect time and general announcements. Every time you lose your track of time because of duty-free shopping or that last-minute coffee craving, it leads to a lot of stress for the Airline staff and fellow passengers. So try to manage your time and connection in a way that it does not cause discomfort to you and people around you.

Etiquette tip # 05 - Keep a well-organized track of your luggage weight. Always weigh it before leaving for the airport to avoid discomfort at the check-in counters and losing money for extra luggage weight (if not prepared). If possible, always carry a small, empty, quick bag to shuffle the stuff, if required.

Etiquette tip # 06 - Wear fresh socks anytime you plan to remove your shoes inside the aircraft. As not everyone is fortunate enough to travel in the First/Business class (where it's complimentary).So, to avoid any foul smell which can cause discomfort to other passengers.

I hope these tips are useful and will definitely help as a quick guide for your next journey.

Until then, ciao..!!

With love